Motive8’s January Wellbeing Challenge

December 18 2020

January is the perfect time to challenge yourself, whether that is getting fit, spending more time looking after your mental health or sticking to your new year resolution. 

Our friends at motive8 have set our tenants a 30-day fitness challenge – the perfect way to blow away from the cobwebs of the festive season! 

The full challenge can be found below:  

The team have also pulled together a handy guide to ‘in-office exercises’, – sitting for 9+ hours a day can not only cause strain on your spine and poor posture; but it can create digestive problems, lead to poor circulation and varicose veins, weaken the bones and muscles, make us more prone to weight gain and so many other things!  

Whether you are working from home or at your office desk, these helpful moves will ensure that you keep moving throughout the day: